Oil Filter Series

  • ZU-A QU-A WU-A XU-A Return Line Filter

    These series filters are retum line ones.the filter element of QU-A,ZU-A,XU-A series is made of glass fiber,paper,wire mesh ¬ched wire while that of XU-A series is of wound brass wire.they have...
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  • SZU-A SQU-A SWU-A SXA-A Duplex Return Line Filter

    The SZU-A SQU-A SWU-A SXA-A duplex return line filter series are composed of two single bowl filters and one 2-position 6-way directional is simple in structure and easy to use.there is...
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  • RF Tank Mounted Return Filter Series

    This kind of filter is used in the hydraulic system for line filtration.the filter can filter metal impurity rubber impurity or other contamination,and keep the tank clean.
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  • SDRLF Duplex Large Flow Rate Return Line Filter

    SDRLF series filter is composed of two single bowl filters and a 2-position 6-way directional valve ,it is simple in construction and easy to used ,there is a by-pass valve and a contamination...
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  • PLF High Pressure Line Filter

    PLF series filter can be installed in the pressure line of hydraulic system with different pressure of high pressure type,and used in the pressure line of hydraulic can remove all the...
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  • ZU-H QU-H High Pressure Line Filter

    ZU-H QU-H series filters are of high pressure type and used in the pressure line of hydraulic system.filter element is made of glass fiber or paper,differential pressure indicator signals when the...
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  • YPM660 Pressure Line Filter

    The YPM series can be used in the pressure line of hydraulic system to filter solid grain and gum material in the working medium,so the pollution is validly controlled.differential pressure...
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